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Consumerism ReportProviding the Best Experience: Patient Loyalty Drives Market Share

Annual Healthcare Consumerism Study Results

Patient loyalty and referral may be subjective, but these performance indicators also affect the bottom line. According to a study by NCR, the cost of losing one patient translates to $1.4 million in lost revenue over that patient’s lifetime. On the flip side, there’s also a tangible return by investing in the patient experience. According to The Advisory Board Company, a patient who returns to your health system within 18 months generates six times worth the revenue of the initial visit.

In a typical outsourcing relationship, it’s common for performance gains to spike during the first year and level off for the remainder of the partnership. ClearBalance has been an anomaly in that regard, delivering extraordinarily high patient loyalty ratings — in the 90th percentile — for five consecutive years. 

Key findings of the 2019 ClearBalance Healthcare Consumerism Study show that:

  • 95% of respondents would use a ClearBalance Zero-Interest Loan again  
  • 90% will remain with their healthcare provider 
  • 87% would recommend their healthcare provider

Download the 2019 Healthcare Consumerism Study to learn more about ClearBalance’s remarkable loyalty ratings.